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My EarRapps Story

It began when I got my new phone. Real high tech and trendy too— But what am I supposed to do with the earphones when I’m not using them?

I had my share if laboriously untangling them from the jumble in my bag pocket. By the time I got them straightened I was on to the next activity and it was too late. Looking around at commuting people you’d think that untangling earphones was the latest pastime (NOT!)

So there it was… the need was there and I had to fill it. Starting with a smart koala— we’re in Australia, of course!

Enjoy your EarRapps koalas and…
Be neat!

Judy Brandt Design


What people are saying about EarRapps Koalas

“By the time I used to finish untangling my earbuds, my commute would be over. Now I’m plugged in right away.”

“My friends love my koala hanging from my backpack with my latest trendy earphones attached. My backpack looks cool and everyone will know it’s mine..I love my Koalas, more animals please, so I can collect them!”

“I am so sick of untangling my earbuds. Apple.., I love your user-driven, indisputable design genius, but that’s why it’s especially disappointing that you didn’t devise a more elegant wire management solution than that tiny, useless clip. Maybe after creating your iEmpire, you were tired. iHear you. (through tangled earbuds)”